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Email Reporting in the Telework Era

The Covid-19 challenges companies all around the world

The current Coronavirus crisis is affecting all sectors of economic life in most countries of the world and is resulting, among other things, in massive recourse to telecommuting for companies in the tertiary sector. How do you measure the activity of your employees confined at home? More than ever, e-mail is provides an objective measure in this respect. Promodag Reports can help you extract the key indicators of your employees' activity since they switched to telework. We will see in this article that it is easy to get a glimpse of the situation.

A rapid overview first

The first report we suggest is a graph showing the number of messages sent and received per user per day, grouped by Department. You can get it in a few clicks with the Mailbox Traffic Growth report template.

Mailbox Traffic Growth during CoVid19 Crisis

Who's doing too much?

As an employer or HR manager, you also want to avoid overzealousness. The Mailbox Traffic Based On Working Hours report will show you precisely the number and percentage of messages sent by employees before and after working hours.

Teleworkers Message Traffic Out of Business Hours

What about the details?

The last report you could produce shows the individual activity of each employee. The Individual Traffic Summary report shows, for each user grouped by department, the number of messages sent and received internally and the exchanges with the outside, i.e. with external customers and suppliers. This is crucial information in times of crisis.

Telecommuters Individual Mailbox Traffic


These three reports are just one example of what can be achieved with Promodag Reports. It is also possible to measure messaging user activity in more detail, as described in other articles, for example How to get an Email Activity Report on Office 365 Shared Mailboxes or How to measure email response times. You can download a fully functional version from our site and use it without obligation for 45 days. Please do not hesitate to write to us if you have any commercial questions or if you would like to open a technical support request.

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