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How to get an Email Activity Report on Office 365 Shared Mailboxes

Some of you may have wondered how to get a detailed report showing the number of emails sent and received for all Shared Mailboxes in their Office 365 tenant. It would seem to be a very simple matter to obtain such a report. However, we are going to see this that is not quite as easy as it sounds.

The native report of Office 365

The first thought is to directly open the Office 365 admin center and go to the Reports > Usage page, and then select the Email activity widget on the Reports dashboard. Alas, the Email Activity Report only presents data for user mailboxes. What a disappointment!

Third-party products

Next step: Look for a third-party product that would bypass this restriction and have the capacity to report on Shared mailboxes. There are alternatives available; unfortunately, the vast majority of them can’t drill down to the Subject line of messages. The information produced is too incomplete to be usable.

Promodag Reports

Among these third-party solutions, you still have to try Promodag Reports. And there, a pleasant surprise awaits you.
Shared mailboxes can easily be picked up by selecting Exchange recipients by type. If you have switched to a hybrid environment, you will be able to select shared mailboxes on site and in Office 365 simultaneously.

Select shared mailboxes by recipient type

You can set the detail level of your report at will, from Totals to Message subject line, in the General Mailbox Traffic report template. It is even possible to display the SMTP domain of correspondents or their full email address.

Set the detail level of your mailbox traffic report

But that's not all: you can also easily produce a graph showing the traffic evolution for shared mailboxes by time interval.

Shared mailbox email traffic growth

It is also possible, among other things, to produce a report of the first n shared mailboxes by number of received messages. And all these reports are fully customizable - using your company logo and your own graphic charter for example - and their distribution can be automated.

Customize shared mailbox traffic reports with Promodag Reports


Promodag Reports clearly beats the native Office 365 and the vast majority of the competing products when it comes to reporting on the Office 365 Shared Mailboxes, both in terms of usability and available detail level. If you try it, you'll love it. Download a 45-day free trial or upgrade to the latest version if you are an existing customer. We are open to comments or suggestions, so please do not hesitate to send us a message or contact our support.


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