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Enhanced export to SharePoint

Export to SharePoint has recently undergone some improvements, the most important of which is compatibility with modern SharePoint Online authentication. We still had to deal with subsites and subfolders.


SharePoint subsites are now better managed. Now only the last segment of the path to the library is shown in the Library path field, and its name is displayed in gray as it was resolved.

SharePoint subsites now supported in Promodag Reports

This is how the subsite looks in the SharePoint web interface:

SharePoint subsite


Promodag Reports v.14 now also manages any subfolders created in a library. You just have to enter its name preceded by a / in the dedicated field. It is possible to define folders at various levels, for example /Folder1/Folder2. These folders must already exist in the SharePoint library because Promodag Reports cannot create them.

Promodag Reports supports subfolders in SharePoint

Finally, this general setting does not exclude the possibility of defining a different library and a different folder in the report.

Customize SharePoint output to a library and subfolder of your choice


We hope that these improvements will simplify the task of those of our customers who use SharePoint to publish their reports. Please feel free to use our contact form to send us your suggestions, requests for development or support. If you are not yet a Promodag customer, download the product today and try it without obligation for 45 days.

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