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Certificate-based authentication has been extended to SharePoint Online

We have extended the certificate-based authentication method to Promodag Reports' connection with SharePoint Online to allow our customers to continue exporting their reports to this collaborative platform after basic authentication is disabled on their Office 365 tenant.

The Export tab of Tools > Options has been modified accordingly.

New certificate-base authentication method for SharePoint Online

Update: the certificate authentication configuration method has been changed as of v.14.0.0101, see this Knowledge Base article: Configure certificate-based authentication to Office 365. Please follow these instructions and then directly go to the last step.

The configuration of this access by certificate is done in two steps:

Step 1: Admin consent

As it is already the case for the Exchange Online connection, we will start by clicking on the Check connection blue link to get a window proposing to click on an administrative consent link.

Admin consent required for Promodag Reports SharePoint app

You will need to log into Office 365 using an account that is a member of the Global Administrators group to complete this task.

You will then get a window asking you to grant administrative consent to the Azure Promodag Reports SharePoint application:

Permission requested in Azure AD

Click Accept.

Step 2: Grant write permissions to the Azure Promodag Reports SharePoint application on your site

The second step is to install the PnP PowerShell module on the computer, use it to initiate a connection to your SharePoint Online site and finally grant the appropriate rights to the Promodag Reports SharePoint application. The detailed procedure can be found here: How to authorize the Promodag SharePoint application to write into your SharePoint site.


This feature is available from version 14.0.0029 of November 7, 2022 which you can download on this page, the package being usable in evaluation mode for 45 days. Don't forget that you can also send us your suggestions, support requests and business questions through our contact form.

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