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Enhancement of the Tag Messages by Subject option

The option Tag Messages by Subject has existed since the release of version 11 in June 2019 but has remained relatively confidential until now. It allows you to filter by keywords, then hide in traffic reports messages imported into the database without deleting them. The interest of such a feature will not escape those of our customers who wish to exclude automatic messages, or messages of a private or confidential nature, from the traffic reports that they then distribute to various levels of their organization. Let's review.

Hide out messages

Automatic messages have the disadvantage that they are not distinguishable from other emails sent by mailboxes and therefore it is cumbersome to exclude them from traffic reports if necessary. The Tag messages by subject option allows you to add three predefined values depending on your working language and then click Process messages in the database to remove them from the traffic reports. You can add to this list as many as you like by clicking New.

Add predefined tags to exclude messages from traffic reports

You may also need to hide other types of private messages as part of the GDPR or an internal regulation. This is a very easy task if the senders have tagged the subject line of their personal messages with a particular string: “private”, “birthday”, “merry Christmas” etc. You can choose the direction of the messages: Sent, Received or Both.
To make them reappear in the reports, just select the string(s) in the grid, delete them and then click Process messages in the database.

Create categories

You can then associate your different sets of strings with categories to identify them more easily. For example, you may decide to create one category for notifications received from various websites or internal applications, another for private messages, and a third for automatic messages.
Click Categories to create new categories:

Create new tag categories

Associate them with the existing tags in the grid and click Apply:

Associate tags and categories


The option to tag messages by subject is one of the many exclusive features of Promodag Reports that we strive to present to you regularly in this blog. If you are not yet familiar with our product, download it for a free 45-day trial. You can write to us using our contact form to ask your business or technical questions or submit a support request.

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