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Version 11 comes with Office 365 content search and email activity reports

We are pleased to announce the new major version our flagship product, Promodag Reports version 11.

Reports on mailbox content are now also available for Office 365

Great news: version 11 now fully supports Office 365. You can run real-time reports on your Office 365 tenant to retrieve, for example, the list of the attachments contained in a selection of mailboxes or to calculate the occupancy rate of Room Mailboxes in Exchange Online. See the following blog post.

Measure The Occupancy Rate Of Your Exchange Meeting Rooms

Moreover, the configuration is now simpler, and you do no longer need to install Outlook and create a profile!

New reports on user activity, custom calendars

3 new reports have been added to the product: Recipient Breakdown by Day of the Week and Recipient Breakdown by Hour of the Day show the daily activity of Exchange recipients throughout the day or week, while Message Traffic Based on Working Hours breaks down messages based on working days and working hours.

Message Traffic Based On Working Hours Email Report

In addition, the latter can be used in combination with custom calendars that you can link to specific groups of users. This way, you can accurately measure the activity level of the mailbox users of your organization, even if they are based in other regions of the world. See the following blog post.

Improvements in existing reports

Work Schedule

You can now define a Work Schedule with custom working days and working hours at the report level. It is no longer necessary to run a report for the week, and another for the weekend!

Define Work Schedules and Business Hours In Your Email Reporting

Selection of recipients has been made easier

We have introduced a more user-friendly way to select Exchange recipients. The new selection grid includes a search field, a long -awaited feature for those of you who manage thousands of mailboxes. You can now search among a long list of mailboxes by entering a text string!

Moreover, a new Advanced recipient selection feature offers you the possibility of selecting mailboxes based on queries in combination with the usual selection grid.

Advanced Mailbox Selection With Promodag Reports

You can also select mailboxes or distribution groups using the Recipient Type Details property, that is available both in Active Directory and Office 365. See the following blog post.

Finally, a new option lets you create a selection of recipients from a simple CSV file: Create a Selection, in the Tools menu. See the following blog post.

Choose fields to export to CSV format

A new option lets you select the fields to export into a CSV file. You can also give them an alias.

Custom CSV Exports With Promodag Reports

AND and OR operators in Filter tab

It is now possible to create complex queries using AND and OR operators, so you no longer need to create multiple reports when you search for messages based on different keywords.

Advanced Message Filters In Email Reporting

Reporting on past periods in Storage Size reports

The addition of a Period tab to the Mailbox Storage Information, Public Folder Information and Mailbox Breakdown by Size reports makes it possible to report on past 1-day periods and not only the current day.

Possibility to exclude automatic replies

Last but not least, the new Tag Messages by Subject feature of the Options menu lets you exclude certain sent messages from the reports by tagging them based on a specific text string in their subject line, for example “Out of Office Autoreply”.

Exclude Automatic Replies From Reporting

Upgrade to version 11 or try it for free

For customers with a valid maintenance contract, please download the installation package and use the license file specific to version 11. If you are a new user, install this package and enjoy it for free for 45 days. We welcome your comments, so please feel free to contact us or submit a support request.


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Our flagship reporting tool, Promodag Reports, is an innovative and constantly improving email reporting product that brings together all the key elements from Office 365, hybrid and on-premise Exchange messaging environments.

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