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How to check permissions on mailbox folders

Last month we published an article about mailbox delegation permissions and the way to display them in a report using Promodag Reports. Today we will show you how to obtain a report on mailbox folder permissions to complement the previous one. This time, your boss asked you to detect rogue permissions on all shared mailboxes’ folders along with their subfolders. How will you go about it this time?

The available methods

This time it is not possible to retrieve mailbox folder permissions using EAC; this option is not available at all. You will have to use the Exchange Shell Management – or Powershell -and the Get-MailboxFolderPermission cmdlet to list permissions on mailbox folders. Again, it is available in on-premises Exchange and in the cloud-based service. However, some parameters and settings may be exclusive to one environment or the other and you had better use a script like this one to list all permissions on all users’ mailbox folders or this one for all Calendars.

View folder-level permissions in mailboxes with Promodag Reports

Promodag Reports offers a simpler way to achieve this task through the Permissions on Mailbox Folders report.
Like the Mailbox Permissions report, it supports both on-premise Exchange and Office 365. You can also select mailboxes individually or by groups based on attributes, and particularly Recipient Type Details to select all Shared Mailboxes.

Select mailboxes by recipient type

Another interesting feature is the ability to select any set of folders in a straightforward way, e.g. All default folders for all standard folders at once or Select from a mailbox for a set of custom folders.

Select specific folders at will

Finally, default access permissions are excluded by default from the report.

Make your report clearer by excluding default permissions

Now you can run your report and respond to your boss request without further ado.

Report on mailbox folder permissions

Protect confidential information

Allowing users to grant themselves excessive or unnecessary permissions on folders in other mailboxes can be dangerous in terms of security. Start a free 45-day trial now or upgrade to the latest version if you are already a customer and take control of your email data. We are open to all comments and suggestions, so please do not hesitate to leave us a message or contact our support.

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