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Microsoft Exchange Inventory Reports

Inventory reports have been designed to list Exchange-related objects, that is servers or an Office 365 tenant and the different types of recipients they host, along with their attributes. Should the administrator need to quickly get a complete listing of all users with their email address and phone number, or details on the mobile devices used by the Sales Department, Promodag Reports reveals to be the Office 365 and Exchange Server reporting tool he needs.

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Directory Objects

On-Premises Office 365

This template allows you to obtain a basic list of Exchange-related objects in your directory, such as servers, mailboxes or mail contacts, with or without the detail of each recipient. This is useful if you need to take a quick glance at your Exchange organization, for example before a migration. To focus on specific recipients, use Recipient Details instead.

Recipient Detail

On-Premises Office 365 Improved

Unlike Directory Objects, this report is intended to focus on specific recipients and provide a very detailed information about them, including Distribution group membership and mail delegation.

Recipients Mobile Devices

On-Premises Office 365 Improved

This report helps you manage the mobile device fleet by listing, for each user, all devices they used along with their properties: model, operating system, OS language, carrier...

Number of Recipients Grouped by Attributes

On-Premises Office 365

Use this report to count recipients based on grouping by attribute. For example, generate a list of mailboxes and distribution groups by Company, Department and Manager.

Selected Attributes from Recipients

On-Premises Office 365 Improved

This highly flexible report lets you choose a large panel of attributes, whether in regard to directory, traffic, or storage, and extract them for a selection of recipients. This is the best choice if you need to create a custom list. The recommended output format for this report is CSV.

Distribution Groups

On-Premises Office 365 Improved

Maintaining a large number of Distribution groups can be a time-consuming task. This report gives you the ability to list them, along with their number of direct and nested members and other valuable bits of information.

Recipients per SMTP Domain

On-Premises Office 365

Use this report to count recipients based on the SMTP domain to which their primary address belongs.

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