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Mailbox and Public Folder Traffic Reports

Take advantage the advanced Exchange Server and Office 365 reporting features of Promodag Reports to determine trends in traffic evolution and extract the top n senders or receivers in the your On-Premise Exchange organization as well as in Office 365 or simply within a group of mailboxes. Use traffic reports to list messages sent from, or delivered into mailboxes or public folders. Track specific messages by subject or number of recipients using advanced filtering functionalities.

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General Mailbox Traffic

On-Premises Office 365 Improved

This is the base template for finding how many messages recipients send and receive within a given period. It comes with a highly flexible set of options, such as: Recipient type selection (mailbox, public folder or distribution group), Recipient selection by attribute, for example Department, OU, or Server, Aggregation of recipients by attribute, Adjustable levels of detail to cover most requests from management: you can get a total only, or focus on recipients, individually or by groups. You can even drill down to the Subject line. General Mailbox Traffic is the best pick to get an overall picture of recipients' mailing activity. Should you need to generate a report showing the top n mailboxes, use Mailbox by Traffic Level instead.

Find Specific Messages

On-Premises Office 365 Improved

Need to track specific messages in your traffic based on size, subject line or recipient count? Then this report is the best choice for the Exchange administrator. Find Specific Messages tracks messages exchanged between a selection of internal recipients vs. a selection of correspondents that can be other internal recipients, external SMTP domains, or a specific SMTP address. Advanced filtering capabilities include the possibility to retrieve messages based on a character string in the Subject line. You can also find out who sent email to more than n Cc or Bcc recipients.

Message Traffic Based on Working Hours

On-Premises Office 365 Improved

Who use email out of office hours? This report breaks down the messages sent by the selected users based on working days and working hours.

Mailbox by Traffic Level

On-Premises Office 365

This template is designed to obtain the top n senders or recipients based on the number of messages they sent or received. Should you need to produce a general mailing activity report, use General Mailbox Traffic instead.

Mailbox Traffic Across Time Interval

On-Premises Office 365

Reporting on the number of messages recipients send or receive per day, week or month is a common business request. This template allows  the Exchange administrator to generate custom reports at various levels of detail, from a total per interval and per recipient only to an elaborate document detailing correspondents and their type (Internet, Internal).

Individual Traffic Summary

On-Premises Office 365

Having an overview of recipient traffic on a day-to day basis is crucial for a messaging administrator and this is  where this template can come in handy. Select a population of recipients, whether messages sent to 10 recipients should be counted once or 10 times, choose a size unit and get a basic  report per recipient and per day detailing where messages were sent or came from: it could not be simpler.

Mailbox Groups by Traffic Level

On-Premises Office 365

This template is designed to obtain the top n groups of recipients based on the number of messages they sent or received. Groups are based on AD attribute, for example Department, OU or Server. Should you need to produce a report showing the email activity between groups of recipients, use Inter-Group Traffic instead.

Mailbox Traffic Growth

On-Premises Office 365

Grasping the trends in the messaging activity is crucial to spot anomalies and foresee necessary changes in the structure of the Exchange organization. Mailbox Traffic Growth is a handy tool that provides the administrator with an at-a-glance graph of messages sent or received within a given period, both in number and in cumulated size.

Traffic Between Recipients

On-Premises Office 365 Improved

Who communicate with whom? Traffic Between Recipients addresses this basic question. Use it to create your own custom reports and display, for each recipient, their email correspondents sorted by name or by number or size of messages sent or received.

Inter Group Traffic

On-Premises Office 365

Estimating the level of communication between groups of internal recipients, for example Departments, Organizational Units or Servers, may prove tedious and complex. Inter-Group Traffic lets you get that information quickly and effectively: select the population of recipients, set the grouping option of your choice, and generate your own custom report. Should you need to produce a report showing the top n groups of recipients based on the number of messages they sent or received, use Mailbox Groups by Traffic Level instead.

Chronological Traffic Activity

On-Premises Office 365 Improved

This report makes it easier for the Exchange administrator to extract raw traffic data directly taken from message tracking files. No frills, no stunts, but a clear, simple and readable list of traffic events. All you have to do is to select internal recipients, and their potential correspondents. For more elaborate reports including more details level, use General Mailbox Traffic, and for advanced filtering options, use Find Specific Messages.

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