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Storage Reports

Use storage reports to bring the top 10 largest mailboxes to light, or to list quotas for entire groups of mailboxes. Make the most of our Office 365 and Exchange Server reporting tool by checking the evolution of mailbox size in time to highlight trends and plan for archiving unnecessary emails. Monitor the changes in size of Exchange database files and transaction logs over time to detect potential anomalies.

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Mailbox Storage Information On-Premises Office 365 Improved

This is the report template to use when you need to gather a list of mailboxes with their size, the number of items they contain and their quotas. Highly flexible options, such as the possibility to select and group recipients by directory attribute, to filter them by size, last logon date or storage size quota and to generate the report at various levels of detail make Mailbox Storage Information a key administration tool.

Mailbox Breakdown by Size On-Premises Office 365 Improved

How many mailboxes are bigger than 100 MB, 500 MB or 1 GB? This is the question which this report answers. Run it and get an overview chart of the storage situation in your organization.

Mailbox Size Growth On-Premises Office 365 Improved

The work of the Exchange administrator is also to keep close watch on the growth in size of mailboxes. To grasp the trends, run this report and produce a clean line chart or a histogram showing the evolution of mailbox storage over a given time period.

Mailbox Size Fluctuation On-Premises Office 365 Improved

This report is complementary to Mailbox Size Growth. Not only does it show the size of mailboxes between the outer limits of a given period, but also their fluctuation in percentage.

Public Folder Storage Information On-Premises Office 365 Improved

This is the companion report to Mailbox Storage Information. Forget complicated scripts and get a list of public folders with their size, the number of items they contain, their number of replicas, date of creation and last modification.

Public Folder Size Growth On-Premises Office 365

This is the companion report to Public Folder Size Growth. Run this report to keep an eye on public folders and produce a clean line chart or a histogram showing their storage evolution over time.

Public Folder Replicas On-Premises

How much space do these public folder replicas spread across Exchange servers actually take? Check it out using this dedicated report, and find out where they exactly are, and how many items they exactly contain.

Database Size Growth On-Premises

Monitoring the size of Exchange databases is an ever-present concern for the administrator. But how is it possible to consolidate historical data and show their evolution over time? Database Size Growth comes to grips with this issue.

Database Size Information On-Premises

How can I measure at a glance the respective size of a set of Exchange databases within a given period, with details of white space and the transaction log? Choose between a pie chart and a histogram and get that information in a clear an easily understandable report.

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