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What ports does Promodag Reports use?

Promodag Reports does not explicitly use specific ports. It uses the following protocols that should be allowed to cross through your firewall:
  • DNS: TCP/UDP 53.
  • LDAP: TCP/UDP 389
  • LDAP Global Catalog: TCP 3268
  • WinRM (PowerShell): TCP 5985 and TCP 5986
  • Access to network shares (CIFS): TCP 445 and TCP 139 if you use a UNC path
  • EWS (from version 11 onwards): TCP 80 and TCP 443
  • MAPI (up to version 10): TCP 135, TCP 80 and TCP 443

The ports used to communicate with SQL Server (particularly TCP 1433) are described in this article.

The ports and URLs used to communicate with Exchange Online are described in this article.

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