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Right to disconnect and telecommuting

The right to disconnect refers to the recognized right of all employees to benefit from rest periods excluding any contact with their professional activity. However, a large part of the workforce in Europe and around the world is currently telecommuting, given the prophylactic measures introduced in most countries to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. The probable development of this work organization in the years to come should encourage companies to be vigilant about the right to disconnect in order to avoid the multiplication of burn-outs and disputes that may result, and to try to maintain and improve the Quality of Working Life (QWL). How can we quantify and qualify infobesity at the time of teleworking? Promodag Reports can help you.

The Message Traffic Based on Working Hours report 

The Message Traffic Based on Working Hours report is dedicated to the analysis of mail traffic during non-working hours. It shows the n largest message senders before or after the company's regular business hours, but also on weekends and holidays.
Mailboxes can be selected individually or in groups by means of directory attributes, such as department, postal code or recipient type (User Mailbox, Shared). Teleworkers or executives, for example, can be distinguished in your directory by a custom attribute.

Sort senders by number of messages sent in the evening

You can produce a list of all the mailboxes in your organization, or just a group of users, and sort it by the number of messages sent during or outside office hours. In this voluntarily anonymized report, the sorting was done on the number of messages sent after closing time.

Messages sent late at night

Identify the largest senders of "outside de rules" messages.

The Message Traffic Based on Working Hours report also allows you to generate a "top n" of email senders by total messages sent early in the morning, late at night or on weekends and holidays. For example, here is a report showing the top 10 senders of messages sent outside of work hours. The percentage indicates the proportion of messages sent outside of office hours. The last two columns show the times of the first and last message sent by the user during the selected period.

Top 10 senders out of working hours

Messaging usage statistics reports

In addition to this report dedicated to the right to disconnect, you can also use the Recipient Breakdown by Hour of the Day and Recipient Breakdown by Day of the Week traffic statistics reports to view messaging activity in graphical form, and count the number of out of hours message senders per hour or per day. The example below shows that a large number of users send messages between 7:00 pm and midnight.

Hourly breakdown of senders out of working hours

Our previous post on this topic, Right to disconnect, presents other examples of more general traffic reports, but still provides useful details, such as a list of all these messages per user. Finally, most of these reports have an option to send an email to each user.

Improve QWL with Promodag Reports

Teleworking is a new organization for many companies and has often been adopted in a hurry. If you want to regulate the activity of your employees at home, Promodag Reports is the ideal reporting tool to measure the adoption of good practices on disconnection. You can download a trial version on our download page and use it free of charge for 45 days. Do not hesitate to use our contact form if you wish to obtain commercial information, ask us questions or submit a request for technical support.

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