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Why use Promodag Reports for your Office 365 email reporting?

Promodag have developed an innovative tool to produce clear and accurate messaging reports for companies of all sizes. Promodag Reports has the ability to imports message tracking data from both premise Exchange server and Office 365 in one single database, which lets you produce usage reports showing on-premise Exchange traffic vs Office 365 as well as email traffic reports displaying email traffic split between servers or subsidiaries. The product even automatically detects that a mailbox has been migrated to Office 365 and moves the emails linked to the old on-premise mailbox to the new one in the Cloud.

Benefits of Promodag Reports

The advantage of using Promodag Reports compared to the native reports of Office 365 does not only lie in the possibility to report on a Hybrid environment using a single interface.

Long-term data availability

Our reporting tool enables you to report way beyond 7, 90 or 180 days - the detail of messages is only available for 7 days in Exchange Online, everything beyond 7 days is aggregated data. Promodag make the additional effort to create message tracking logs on the local drive of the console before importing them into the database. This allows the user to archive these files and re-import them later on - in another database, for example - if necessary. This way, temporary data becomes available at all times.

Exclusive reports

Promodag Reports also includes a lot more reports than the Office 365 Reports Dashboard - among them a report on Room Mailboxes including the calculation of occupancy rate, a report on message response times, and a report on Distribution Group usage.

Enhanced usability

But that’s not all - it lets you select Shared Mailboxes, Room Mailboxes and other recipient types, which, as strange as it may seem, is not possible in Office 365. Moreover, the message timestamps are converted in local time - default is UTC time, which is not practical if you live in Australia or on the Pacific coast of the US.

Time-deferred reporting for better responsiveness

To top it all off, reports on mailbox storage or recipient traffic are not based on direct PowerShell commands, but on the content of the database. Which means that it doesn't take long to run them, which can be the case for Office 365 native reports.

Go for it!

If the limitations of Office 365 and Exchange native messaging reports discourage you, then Promodag Reports is made for you. Download a fully functional version and try it for free for 45 days. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to submit a technical support request.

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Our flagship reporting tool, Promodag Reports, is an innovative and constantly improving email reporting product that brings together all the key elements from Office 365, hybrid and on-premise Exchange messaging environments.

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