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Create a report showing the top 10 largest mailboxes


I would like to know what report can give me the top 10 largest mailboxes in the organisation.


The report template you are looking for is called Mailbox Storage Information and you will find it on the Templates > Storage menu. Information is dynamically collected through via PowerShell.

You will apply the following settings:

  • Selection tab: All organization mailboxes.
  • Group tab: No grouping.
  • Filter tab: N/A.
  • Options tab: Show only the 10 biggest mailboxes and sort them accordingly.
Options tab
  • Content tab: Set the detail level to Mailbox storage (item size and count).
  • Presentation tab: Display = Table (for a table only), Graph (for a graph only), Graph & Table (for both), Size in MB.
  • Output tab: Your own choice (Screen, Printer, Disk file, Email recipientSharePoint, Database table).
Top 10 biggest mailboxes

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