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Exchange Server reporting made simple

Our multiple traffic, storage, and mailbox content reports help you simplify and automate the management of email usage on Microsoft Exchange Server. With Promodag Reports, you can ensure that messages exchanged comply with business rules and optimize Exchange performance.

Exchange compliance, auditing and security

Overlaying governance protocols (SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA) requires the implementation of often complex compliance measures and detailed reporting on messaging use. Promodag Reports for Exchange enables you to respond to requests from IT security and Human Resources managers and to implement a dynamic and proactive security policy. Go beyond the limitations of Microsoft’s built-in Exchange reporting tools and easily:

Digital Detox - Audit Right to Disconnect

Promodag Reports is particularly suitable for monitoring observance of the "Right to Disconnect" charter within your company, which enshrines employees’ right to disconnect from digital communications outside of regular hours. It reports on the indicators you need to respond quickly and accurately to the demands of Human Resources and business management in the context of the development of telecommuting.

Prepare your Office 365 Migration

You plan to migrate your local Exchange Server configuration to the cloud-based Office 365 and would like to have metrics that allow you to estimate the cost of your future licenses and the amount of data you want to transfer. It is also a great opportunity to undertake compliance checking and digital cleaning by flushing out some of the messages accumulated over the years in the mailboxes of your users.

  • Take inventory of your mail resources before and after the migration for control purposes.
  • List stale mailboxes, distribution groups, public folders, and mail contacts and delete or archive as necessary.
  • Estimate the number and size of mailboxes and public folders to migrate.
  • Determine the volume and number of messages to be archived or deleted by viewing their distribution by age or size.
  • Tell your users how much and how many messages they keep in their trash or junk folder.
  • During migration to the Cloud, ensure full chain of custody, logging and reporting to meet current compliance requirements.
  • Continue using the same reporting tool after migration, and keep your old data.
  • Report on hybrid Exchange and Cloud deployments in the same way.

Exchange Server Traffic Analysis

Many messages pass through your Exchange Server system, but you do not know where they come from, where they are going, and even how many of them there are. Promodag Reports allows you to not only produce scheduled summary reports that can be used in a dashboard, but also to display details of sent and received messages. With our comprehensive Exchange reporting solution, you can deduce trends in your email traffic and adapt to your evolving requirements.

  • Break down the total volume of your traffic between internal and external messages.
  • Schedule reports to observe the growth of your traffic over a period by grouping volumes by day, month, quarter and quickly detect any anomalies.
  • Show the breakdown of messages by size, number of recipients, time of day, day, month, etc.
  • Count users based on their daily traffic levels.
  • Group users by Department, Manager... to calculate, analyze and compare the traffic of these groups.
  • Determine the largest consumers of email.
  • Distinguish user traffic from that of their mailbox delegates.


Manage and Archive Data

Having an overview of existing data is a prerequisite for any clean-up, optimization, migration, backup or archiving of your system. By doing this on a scheduled basis you can streamline the use of your resources and save storage space.

  • Analyze the size of Exchange databases and their evolution.
  • View the breakdown of databases and mailboxes within each server or DAG.
  • Measure the number, the space used, and the breakdown by server of the replicas of your public folders.
  • Gather the sizes of your mailboxes, monitor their evolution and detect anomalies.
  • Audit and report on the breakdown of Outlook items by folder or by age.
  • Estimate the size of attachments and break them down by type.

And that's not all

In addition to the major themes mentioned above, Promodag Reports offers many other reports that provide great daily value.

Key features

It only takes a couple of minutes to install and configure Promodag Reports. The product uses native Exchange data sources; it is not necessary to install anything on your Exchange servers. Data gathering as well as report generation and distribution can be easily automated.

To go further

Trying Promodag Reports is very simple:

Feel free to contact our support for any questions about configuration, product usage, or the availability of a report you are looking for.

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