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Insert a date in the title of a report

To insert a date into a report title, open the Presentation tab of the report template and simply place the mouse pointer in the Title field, in the location where you need that date to be inserted. Then, click the Date button.

The following window opens:

Insert a custom date in the title of a report

Available options include:

  • Choice of the date format: Wednesday 15 September 2021, Wed 15 Sep 2017, 15 09 2021, 09 15 2021...
  • Choice of a separator: 15/09/2021, 15-09-2021, 15.09.2021...
  • Choice of the date itself: report launching date (i.e. now), report start date (i.e. beginning of the reporting period), report end date (i.e. end of the reporting period).

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