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Why does the "No data could be found..." message display ?

This message is not an error message: it simply means that Promodag Reports was unable to find any data matching the period, or the criteria you have selected.
  • Most common cause:
Promodag Reports retrieves the information it needs to produce its various reports from different native Exchange data sources.
  • Reports mail traffic are based on Exchange message tracking files (also called "tracking logs") previously imported into the database.
  • Reports on OWA and ActiveSync activity are based on Internet Information Services logs (also called "IIS log files") previously imported into the database.
  • Reports on Exchange-related directory objects are likewise based on the information retrieved during directory import.
  • Reports on storage size evolution are based on data gathered on a regular basis into the database. Exchange does not keep any history of mailbox, public folder or Exchange databases: it is impossible to reimport storage size data to cover past periods.
  • On the other hand, dynamic reports on mailbox content or size directly extract the information they need from Exchange through a dynamic EWS or PowerShell connection.
Note: An easy method to spot these dynamic reports is to check if they have a Period tab: if the report template you are configuring does not feature this tab, then it works dynamically.

The consequence of this mechanism is that you must have imported data covering your reporting period before running your report, otherwise you will systematically get this "No data..." warning. The start and end dates of your imports can be verified in the File > Database Properties window.

If you are evaluating the product, please note that data import is limited to 15 consecutive days of message tracking files and IIS log. As a result, you will only be able to report on those 15 days.


The solution to this frequent issue is to import missing data using the Import Message Tracking Data or Import IIS Data options, under the File menu. It is impossible to reimport storage size data to cover past periods. If you evaluate Promodag Reports and already reached the 15-day limit, simply clear existing data using the Tools > Purge IIS Data  and Purge Message Tracking Data or create a new database to import another 15-day period.
  • Other possible causes:
Should this warning pop up while you have imported data covering the reporting period you selected, please also check the following conditions:
  1. Your options. Have you set a very narrow filter, or make a restrictive correspondents selection? Remove it and try again.
  2. Where you imported data from: message tracking files should be imported from your Hub Transport servers (Exchange 2010) or your Mailbox servers (Exchange 2013-2019). IIS log files should be imported from your CAS servers (Exchange 2010-2013) or your Mailbox servers (Exchange 2016-2019).
If you still come across the infamous "No data could be found" message after having made those verifications, use the Help > Technical Support Request option to ask us investigate this issue. See also: How to speed up problem resolution when submitting a new ticket.  

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