Promodag Reports provides a wide range of exchange traffic reports in order to analyse email traffic. All reports can be customized and exported to various output destinations, such as a network share, an email recipient or a SharePoint library. Available output formats include PDF, CSV and HTM.

Mailbox and Public Folder Traffic Reports

Use Exchange traffic reports to list messages sent from, or delivered into mailboxes or public folders. Search for specific messages by subject or number of recipients using advanced filtering functionalities. Determine trends in traffic evolution and isolate the top n senders or receivers in the Exchange organization, or simply within a group of mailboxes.

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Mailbox Traffic Growth

Mailbox by Traffic Level

E-mails to more than 10 recipients in the last 7 days

Traffic Statistics Reports

Traffic Statistics reports provide metrics intended to let you perform a background analysis of the messaging activity, mostly in graphical format. Generate clearly understandable graphs showing the distribution of messages by size, hour, or day of the week to analyze user behavior, or to plan for maintenance work on Exchange servers.

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Message Breakdown by Hour of the Day

Message Breakdown by Size

Message Breakdown by Day of the Week