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The Run a Group of Reports option

One of the lesser-known features of Promodag Reports is the Run a Group of Reports options. It has been present for many years in the Tools menu and allows the user to generate custom reports in bulk, from an existing batch or according to a custom selection. This allows the user to test the entire content of a new batch before automating it, or to quickly catch up by producing reports missed due to a temporary technical unavailability of the application.

Run a group of reports over a single period

The most basic way to generate a group of reports is to select its elements one by one to insert them in the list of selected reports (1), change the reporting period (2) and click Run Reports (3). The output is forced to the screen by default (4). It is also possible to select the entire contents of a batch of reports (5). The order of the reports can be changed to suit your needs (6).

Run a Group of Reports on a single period

In the example above, we will obtain 4 reports covering the period from January 1 to December 31, 2022.

Run a group of reports over multiple periods

The functionality introduced in version 14.0.0046 allows you to select multiple periods. In this case, check the Multiple periods radio button and click the Define button.
A window for defining the periods appears.
You will then define a start and end date (1), a time interval (2) and finally you will click on the button Add multiple periods (3). Click OK to apply and then Run Reports.

Run a Group of Reports over multiple periods

In the example above, we will get 48 reports, or 4 times 12 reports covering each month of the year 2022.




This powerful feature is effectively adding an Interval tab to all reports that do not have one. So now, for example, you can generate n reports showing the top 10 senders of messages every week for the last 3 months (Mailbox by Traffic Level) or generate all the daily traffic reports for the last month at once because it was not possible to do so at that time. In short, a significant time saving.
You can download the latest version of Promodag Reports on this page and try it for free for 45 days. In addition, a contact form is available if you wish to send us a business inquiry, submit a support request or simply leave us a comment.

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