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How can I switch from On-premise to Hybrid mode in Promodag Reports?

Please follow these steps to switch your Promodag Reports database to Hybrid:

  1. First of all, download and install the latest available package.
  2. Start Promodag Reports.
  3. Go to File > Database Properties and click the Switch to Hybrid mode link.
  4. Then go to Tools > Options and open the new Office 365 configuration tab. Configure the certificate-based authentication OR enter the email address of an Office 365 admin with the relevant permissions.
  5. Go to File > Import Directory Data and import the directory from both your on-premise environment, and your Office 365 tenant. This can take a while.
  6. Now, go to File > Import Message Tracking Data and add Office 365 to the list of servers whose tracking logs should be imported. Click Apply, and then Cancel to exit.
  7. Repeat this operation in File > Import Storage Size Data.
  8. The last thing you can do is to add our monitoring address to the list of recipients of the notifications sent by Promodag Reports at the end of each batch: monitoring[at] (separator is a semicolon). This way, we will be able to check that everything runs properly.

You can manually start your daily import batch once all these settings have been applied.

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