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ApplicationImpersonation role to disappear soon

On February 20, Microsoft announced that the ApplicationImpersonation role would be removed from the Exchange Online user interface in May 2024, while its complete removal is scheduled for February 2025 (source: Echange Team Blog).

As this role is used by Promodag Reports to run most Mailbox Content reports under user-based authentication, this announced retirement means that those of you still using this authentication mode AND Mailbox Content reports will have to switch to certificate-based authentication.

Certificate-based authentification to Office 365

The procedure for creating the certificate, publishing the Promodag Reports application and assigning the required authorizations to this application in Microsoft Entra ID is detailed in the help delivered with the product and in this article in our Knowledge Base: Configure certificate-based authentication to Office 365.

You will need a version of Promodag Reports greater than or equal to v.14.0.0101 and an Office 365 global administrator account to complete this task. Our support team will be happy to help you with this if necessary.

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