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How to trigger the sending of conditional reports

Many of you may wonder how to generate a report based on predefined conditions, such as whether there are unread messages in customer service mailboxes or whether some users have reached their quota. We will explain in this post how to create conditional reports.

Base Principle

Promodag Reports generates reports when its database or the result of commands directly submitted to the Exchange environment contain the necessary data (condition = true). Otherwise, it issues a message indicating that this data does not exist (condition = false). Based on this principle, all that is required is to create a customized report based on one or more conditions, then choose the Email Recipient output and integrate it into a batch. If the condition(s) are true at the time it is launched, the report will be generated and sent to the recipient.

A few examples of practical use

In general, all report templates with a filter option can be used to create conditional reports. Here are a few examples (non-exhaustive list):

Report template
Storage Mailbox Storage Information Extract mailboxes that have exceeded their quota Limit status Equals warning, prohibit, disabled
Storage Mailbox Size Fluctuation Extract the list of mailboxes whose size has fluctuated by more than n% between two dates (see this blog post) Increase By Percentage >= n %
Traffic Find Specific Messages Retrieve the list of messages sent to more than n recipients Recipient count Is greater than or equal to n
Traffic Find Specific Messages Retrieve the list of messages whose subject line contains a given character string (see this blog post) Subject Contains <string>
Content General Mailbox Content Extract the list of unread messages in the selected mailboxes Read Equals False
Content Message Attachments Extract the list of attachments bigger than n bytes Attachment size (bytes) Is greater than n

Generate individual reports

In addition to the possibility of generating conditional reports, you can also ensure that each of the mailbox users concerned (or their manager) also receives an individual extract of the report. To do this, check the Send individual reports box and choose the file format, e.g. Pdf. It goes without saying that this option must be handled with care, otherwise a lot of unsolicited messages could be generated!

Send individual reports to mailbox users

Create your own alerts

As we have just seen, Promodag Reports allows you both to receive alerts based on certain events and to send one to the users concerned as an option. Interested? Feel free to download our product for a free 45-day evaluation and ask us for an online demo. You can also use our contact form if you would like to send us feedback or open a technical support request.

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