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Office 365 message classification now available

The Get-MessageTrace PowerShell cmdlet is used by Promodag Reports to create Office 365 tracking logs that are then imported into the database. Among the information it returns comes the delivery status of received messages:

  • Delivered: the message reached its recipient.
  • Failed: the delivery of the message failed.
  • Quarantined: the message is retained in quarantine.
  • Spam: Office 365 identified the message as spam, and it ended in the Junk Email folder.

We decided to use this information following an evolution request.

Displaying the delivery status in Find specific messages

The status of received messages is now displayed in the Find Specific Messages report at the Message full detail level. It is also possible to filter messages by status in this same report.

Display and filter spam and quarantined messages in Promodag Reports

Export of the delivery status as a new property

We have also added a new Classification property to the long list of exportable properties in CSV format in all traffic reports that allow to drill down to the detail level of the message Subject line.

Export Office 365 message classification in CSV format


This development will allow you to identify, list or exclude from your reports the messages filtered by Exchange Online and thus get a more accurate estimate of your legitimate traffic. We recommend that you also use the Tag Messages by Subject option if you want to further refine your analysis by removing, for example, automatic replies from the results.

You can download Promodag Reports at this page and try it for free for 45 days. Our contact form is at your disposal if you wish to obtain additional information, ask us business questions, or send us a support request.

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