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How to display the size of white space and Exchange database transaction logs

This post describes what the white space and the Exchange database transaction logs are. It explains how to display their size with Promodag Reports.

How busy are our meeting rooms ?

If you would like to produce Meeting Room usage analysis reports including a calculation of the occupancy rate based on the actual business hours of your company, then read this post.

The General Regulation on Data Protection (GRDP)

This post explains how to use Promodag Reports as part of controls related to the right of prior consent, the right to data portability, the right to be forgotten, the protection of personal data and data leaks.

Version 10.4 brings report enhancements and performance improvements for Office 365 users

The methods used to create and import Office 365 message tracking files have been improved in Promodag Reports version 10.4. Report functionalities have also been enhanced. Finally, some minor bugs have been corrected.

Performance improvements for Office 365 users in version 10.4

The creation and import processes for Office 365 message tracking files have been revised.

  • The application now generates hourly tracking logs.
  • The import process has also been optimized.
  • Office 365 message tracking files can be zipped after they have been imported.

An easier way to get distribution group usage metrics for Office 365

With Promodag Reports, you can generate a report on distribution group usage statistics in Office 365 that does not only show the number of emails sent to each distribution group in Exchange Online, but also who sent them.

Free Fully Functional Evaluation Version

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