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Full compatibility with Modern authentication

Full support of modern authentication in Office 365 is one of the major new features of version 12. This post describes the ins and outs of this development.

Manage Scheduled Tasks in Promodag Reports v.12

It is now possible to directly control scheduled tasks created with Promodag Reports. This post describes this usability improvement.

LocalDB supersedes Access in v.12

We decided to replace the outdated Access 2000 database format with SQL LocalDB. This article explains the advantages of this new format and gives some technical details about its use with Promodag Reports.

A migration wizard in v.12

We have added a migration wizard to Promodag Reports so that v.11 users can easily convert their configuration. This post describes how to use it.

What’s new in Version 12.0

We are pleased to inform you of the release of version 12 of Promodag Reports. This new version of our reporting tool on Exchange and Exchange Online is fully compatible with the modern authentication mechanisms currently implemented in Office 365. It uses the latest PowerShell commands and improves the public folder import process. It also contains important usability improvements.

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